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Penetrating Oil and Demoisturant - 4385159
UPC: 010228351594

Weight: 15 oz - 425 g
Product Type: Aerosols

Penetrating Oil and Demoisturant will displace water and moisture-proof all types of electrical equipment, even if the equipment is completely submerged. It saves production, maintenance and repair time, protects and preserves valuable equipment, waterproofs ignition systems, and protects metal stored indoors and outdoors, as well as dissolving rust and corrosion. It will not emulsify or harden, will not flake, and should be used in a regular program of preventative maintenance to extend operating life and greatly reduce repair and service cost.

  • Dissolves rust and hard scale
  • Loosens frozen and rusted parts
  • Displaces moisture
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Lubricates

Recommended uses
Use for the protection and restoration of electric motors, ignition systems, welding equipment, all types of machinery, tools, and instruments. Formulated for industrial maintenance and designed for mechanics, machinists, pipe fitters, plumbers and all maintenance and industrial areas.

Manufactured by Chase Products Co.

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