X-it-OUT™ - 4385149
UPC: 010228351495

Weight: 17.5 oz - 496 g
Product Type: Aerosols

Champion Sprayon® X-it-OUT™ removes ink, crayon, paint, lipstick and other marks from surfaces. It contains d-Limonene, a natural citrus solvent, and other fast-acting solvents. Washes away with soap and water.

  • Solvent vandalism remover
  • Combination of d-Limonene and other fast acting solvents
  • Fast acting
  • Lifts pigments from surface
  • Rinse off with soap and water

Recommended uses
Ideal for most common graffiti removal jobs. For delicate surfaces, spray on cloth, then gently rub surface to be cleaned. Removes: Spray paints, permanent marker, inks, tar, crayons, adhesives and more.

Manufactured by Chase Products Co.

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