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Wasp, Bee & Hornet Killer - 4385108
UPC: 010228351082

Weight: 15 oz - 425 g
Product Type: Aerosols

Champion Sprayon® Wasp, Bee and Hornet Killer reaches nests up to 20 feet above the ground, letting you kill wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets from a distance. For best results, soak the nests with the spray in the evening, after all the insects have returned. This product has a dielectric breakdown voltage of 37.8 kv (as measured by ASTM test method D-877-87); it will resist electrical current up to 37,800 volts.

  • Wasp, bee and hornet insecticide
  • Rapid knockdown and kill
  • Reaches nests up to 20 feet above ground
  • Dielectric strength of 37.8 KV
  • Active: Synthetic pyrethroid, Tetramethrin

Recommended uses
Ideal for telephone poles, electric poles, outdoor lighting , walls, chimneys, decks, schools, farms and garages.

Manufactured by Chase Products Co.

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