OvenTech™ - 4331107
UPC: 010228711077

Weight: 18 oz - 510 g
Product Type: Aerosols

ProsALL® OvenTech™ Oven Cleaner rapidly softens hard, black, baked-on grease and built-up food deposits in institutional ovens. The most hard-baked food deposits are easily removed without scraping. Effective daytime or nighttime cleaner.

  • Heavy-duty foam
  • Penetrates and emulsifies grease
  • Cuts through baked-on foods and carbon
  • For fast clean-up, or overnight
  • Works on warm or cold ovens

Recommended uses
Use on porcelain and chrome oven surfaces, glass, ceramic, stainless steel and cast iron, and for cleaning grills, rotisseries, stove burners, electric frying pans and accessories. It’s formulated for hotel/motel housekeeping professionals, hospitals, restaurants, institutions, the food service industry.

Ingredient Information

IngredientFunctionCAS #AllergenChemical Of ConcernLink
WaterCarrier solvent/cleaner7732-18-5
Triethylene glycolcleaner112-27-6
Sodium hydroxidecleaner/grease remover1310-73-2
Potassium hydroxidecleaner/grease remover1310-58-3
Sodium 2-ethylhexyl sulfatewetting agent/emulsifier126-92-1
Bentonite clayabrasive agent/cleanernot available
Methyl-oxirane polymer with oxiraneantifoaming agent9003-11-6
Lithium stearatelubricant4485-12-5
Aluminum starch octenylsuccinateviscosity incresing agent9087-61-0
Xanthan gumbody builder11138-66-2
Fragranceodor maskCBI
d-Limonenefragrance component5989-27-5 X More Info.

Manufactured by Chase Products Co.

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