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Crafting - Lamps in a new Light

Crafting - Lamps in a new Light

Repainting furniture or decorative objects is a great way to quickly and economically update your home. Using spray paint gives the best results, and minimizes the mess and frustration. We set out to renew some lamps using our Colorspray® Ultimate® Decorating Enamels. If you're thinking about doing some repainting, follow along!

Before repainting anything, make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the exterior of the object first. By removing any dirt or dust, you effectively clear the way for the paint to adhere to the intended surface, rather than adhering to the grime. If repainting wood, sand down any rough, peeling or glossy spots and wipe with a tack cloth before painting.

Always remember to use dropcloths or large pieces of cardboard to cover your work surface and protect any nearby objects from overspray. Make sure to follow label directions about proper ventilation of your work area, and consider using a mask or respirator to prevent inhaling any paint mist. Next, it's a good idea to use a primer to cover any old paint or finishes. Primer will give an even base color, help prevent the old color from showing through and give some "tooth" for the new paint to grab onto. Apply as many smooth coats of primer as needed to cover up the old color. In between coats, lightly sand the object and then wipe down completely with a damp towel or tack cloth.

After the primer dries, you can begin the painting process. Before spraying, make sure to shake the spray can at least one full minute after you hear the mixing ball rattle inside. As you paint, remember to shake the can occasionally in between sprays. Using slow, even, sweeping strokes, paint the entire surface of your item, continuing your strokes past the object before releasing the spray button. You may need to rotate your object to get to those hard-to-reach spots. To ensure best results, carefully follow label directions about drying and recoating times.

With a little preparation and care, your old decorative objects and furniture can have a wonderful new life!

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- Charlie Chase